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Church’s Chicken Brings Back The $5 Real Big Deal, Launches New $15 Real Big Family Deal

When one company in a particular field exhibits success with an innovation, rivals will try to recreate their triumphs. Breyers recently did this with Halo Top's low-cal, high-protein ice cream. Both include two pieces of fried chicken or three strips , two sides, and a biscuit. Additionally, both items aren't around forever, with Church's box sticking around only until the end of the year.

Popeyes always brings their Bonafide Big Box back for a short amount of time. The only real difference is that Church's box comes with a signature jalapeno pepper. Church's Chicken isn't the first crispy chicken chain to come after Popeye's meal deal, however. Church's Chicken is allowing for that customization, making its recreation of the Bonafide Big Box more true to the original deal.

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What type of pouch is available at home storage centers, at Distribution Services, and online at store. The pouches are made of multilayer laminated plastic and aluminum. The material is 7 mils thick microns and protects food against moisture and insects.

Botulism poisoning may result if moist products are stored in oxygen reduced packaging. Each pouch holds 1 gallon 4 liters of product. The weight varies by product.

Church's $5 Deal | EatDrinkDeals

A pouch holds 7 pounds 3. Foods do not come in contact with the aluminum because they are separated from it by a layer of food-grade plastic. The metal barrier is important in protecting the food from moisture and oxygen. Pouches should be sealed using an impulse sealer see related instructions. Do not use an iron or another household heating device because it will not provide an adequate seal, especially for powdered products such as flour or dry milk.

Items of Note

Impulse sealers are available at most home storage centers. Many stakes also have impulse sealers available. If you prefer, you may purchase an impulse sealer from Distribution Services or online at store. Oxygen absorbers remove the oxygen from the air in the pouches. The low oxygen content eliminates food-borne insects and helps preserve product quality.

With most products, the sides of sealed pouches will pull in slightly within a few days of packaging. This is more noticeable with granular foods than with powdered products.

Church's Chicken Coupons & Promo Codes

The pouches store best in a cool, dry, rodent-free area. Storage containers should not be in direct contact with concrete floors or walls. Pouches are not rodent proof.

$5 Chicken Mega Bites Deal Churches Chicken-Food Review #291

If rodents or other pests are a significant potential problem in the storage area, the pouches should be placed into containers that are rodent or pest proof. Do not store them in containers that have been used to store nonfood items. Many emergency supply items are not suitable for packaging in foil pouches.